Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a service to enhance the image of a company or product. There are times when a company has already received negative press and information online. In this instance we provide a reputation recovery process. Proper reputation management and recovery efforts can make an impact on you company image in a positive way. These services work best as a whole package but can also be selected a la carte. There are a few options for each of the services. The specific services are listed below in detail.

Reputation Management Information Dissemination

These are the tasks to collect and disseminate positive information on the world wide web. Important articles with keyword rich content is distributed to a wide array of sources for publication. These sources will always link back to your company website and or the project website. There is constant monitoring during these efforts for any additional mentions of the client company or project. Responses are filed on all negative press and information to counter the weight of the negative impact.

  • Distribution of positive articles and posts
  • Positive company reviews on local review sites.
  • Responses to articles and reviews.
  • Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Ongoing monitoring of company and keywords
  • 10 hrs per month. (3 months min)
  • 20 hrs per month. (3 months min)

Project Website

A project website is needed when the public referrers to a certain topic or project by the project name ( – – etc). This website can be basic and have a post of all the positive articles and news generated in the Reputation management portion of the project.
The website can also be full featured and include homepage, project overview, articles, galleries, environmental studies, etc. All articles and submissions and press should be linked to the project website.

  • Post all positive news and information here about project
  • mini website just containing project posts.
  • Full Project informational website about specific project.
  • per month host and support

SEO of negative key words

If a client of project is in need of reputation recovery (already bad press on the internet) then there is need of search engine optimization of negative terms. The goal would be to optimize these terms to bring positive results. “contaminated soil Boston” could return a link to the positive project website or article addressing the positive aspect of a client project.

  • Optimize 5 key words to point to the positive website
  • Optimize 10 key words to point to the positive website
  • 5 key words (3 months min)
  • 10 key words (3 months min)

Project Informational Videos

Project videos are important for telling the positive story for the project. The length of each video would be 1 – 3 minutes. These videos would be optimized to show on Google and Youtube results when searching for the project. They would all link back to the company or project website. The videos will also be published on the project website. Subject matter could include: project overview, environmental impact, expert interviews, neighborhood and community care, etc.

  • Shoot, edit, score and distribute educational videos about company project (1 – 3 minutes each)
  • Contact us for cost is per video.

Team Consulting

This would make the online and reputation management representative available for all strategy and review meetings. The meeting involvement would bring 15 years of online expertise to the table when discussing the social, environmental, political, community, and technical aspects of the project success.