Cops for Kids With Cancer Online Fundraising Page

We at Cops for kids with Cancer are proud to say that we return over 94% of funds raised to the families of children with cancer.

Our donations have, for example, saved a family from eviction, helped pay down overwhelming bills and paid to repair the only vehicle used to travel back and forth to the hospital. The situations are heartbreaking and all too real.

In the last 4 years, including the hospital donations, we have given to over 300 families in need, totaling more than $2,100,000.00 in and around New England. That’s a lot of fundraising for a small charity, and the more the word gets out, the more requests we get.

We are always grateful for your support, either by donation or by participating in a fundraising event. Please support Cops for Kids with Cancer so we never have to deny a struggling family a helping hand.