Campello Antiques

At Campello Antiques, we have been in the business of restoring and selling antiques since 1895! Starting with Joseph Bethoney and continuing for 5 generations, we have been servicing the South Shore and the city of Brockton for over 100 years!

Our service ranges from industrial, residential and commercial antique & brass selling, restoration and polishing.

Our inventory includes a variety of antiques with a specialty in brass polishing and metal refinishing.

At any given time, we have several fully restored fixtures in stock. We constantly seek out architectural antiques and lighting which represent the elegance, style, grace, character, and quality which was present in homes and mansions of days gone by.

We hope that you have enjoyed our picture galleries of antique light fixtures, chandeliers, and architectural antiques. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, we invite you to E-Mail us with your specific needs, or stop by and pay us a visit!